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Building together with young people.

Youth Voice loses a champion

Last week the British Youth Council announced its permanent closure after more than 75 years of championing the voices of young people. Link here: British Youth Council | News | British Youth Council to close following seven decades of youth voice (

Say Something If You See Something

The NWG Network have an annual campaign (this year 18th March) to improve the chances of young people being heard and to deter sexual predators and criminal activity through awareness of child exploitation. Along with NWG we are committed to the fight against criminal or sexual child exploitation and supporting victims and their families who…
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Getting down and regional

One of the newest regional partners is Youth Focus South East run by Ed Ives-Wara from RMD Adventure Learning and who is now working for Berkshire Youth. Youth Focus South East is known as a Regional Youth Work Unit (RYWU) which act as hubs for developing and supporting youth work in their regions, working with commissioners,…
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Children England Legacy

Children England closed on 31st December 2023 after 80 years. They said they wanted to close loudly and proudly – and today they offered 5 episodes of legacy podcasts – which they hope will resonate and connect with the charity sector, children and families sector, youth leadership, fellow infrastructure bodies and more. We encourage you…
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Learning from Working with Communities

Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales has been supporting small and local charities that help people overcome complex issues like homelessness, addiction and domestic abuse. Brightpurpose has been observing and evaluating their approach in six communities and helping to apply learning to their work. In a report issued in November 2023 the key lessons…
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Youth work in every place and space

The National Youth Agency and many many youth charities are celebrating Youth Work week from 6th to 12th November 2023 with a range of activities and events. The video linked here from the NYA is a great example of the range of youth work and the impact it has on the lives of young people.…
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Statutory Guidance

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport issued in September new guidance to local authorities to improve young people’s wellbeing. They note: “Over 85% of a young person’s waking hours are spent outside of school and formaleducation. Recreational and educational leisure-time activities provided during thosehours can have a significant effect on young people’s development and…
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Building spaces with young people

A good foundation is important for anyone who wants to create a space with young people. Sussex Youth can work with you and other local partners to help you understand your governance and legal structures, policies, compliance and more. For someone starting out we can point you to lots of online resources and tools to…
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In November 2022 the Department for Education (DfE) published a report about out of school settings which covers a vast and diverse range of providers. Their executive summary noted that: The proposals from the report were that they should: Out-of-school-settings include uniformed organisations, sports and leisure clubs, tuition centres and supplementary schools, faith-based organisations, arts…
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