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In November 2022 the Department for Education (DfE) published a report about out of school settings which covers a vast and diverse range of providers.

Their executive summary noted that:

  • the sector is complex and safeguarding activity is challenging
  • there is significant potential for safeguarding harm
  • legal powers are piecemeal and not widely understood
  • take up of free support from local authorities was low
  • there is limited awareness by parents of how unregulated the sector is.

The proposals from the report were that they should:

  1. Fund capacity to support and oversee the sector
  2. Explore mandatory guidance on safeguarding standards
  3. Consider legal compulsion to register with the local authority
  4. The local authority to check settings comply with standards
  5. Consider other agencies having the commitment and resource
  6. Establish a registration and regulation system

Out-of-school-settings include uniformed organisations, sports and leisure clubs, tuition centres and supplementary schools, faith-based organisations, arts and many others. They range from being part of an umbrella organisation or membership to a national body, through to being run by community groups, private companies, charities and private individuals. They can be staffed therefore by paid individuals, volunteers or parents.

Read the report here.