Say Something If You See Something

Building together with young people.

Say Something If You See Something

The NWG Network have an annual campaign (this year 18th March) to improve the chances of young people being heard and to deter sexual predators and criminal activity through awareness of child exploitation.

Along with NWG we are committed to the fight against criminal or sexual child exploitation and supporting victims and their families who are subjected to the horrors of exploitation in all forms. We believe that if we can make more people aware by joining together with NWG on National CE Awareness Day, we can improve the chances of young people being heard.

In West Sussex, the NWG have joined forces with the LADO’s (local authority designated officers) for the Safe Clubs for Children campaign which has been launched to support parents with advice and guidance on out of school activities. Find out more here.

Here at Sussex Youth CIC we would support anyone who wishes to take part in these campaigns to safeguard children throughout the county. The links above lead to resources such as the poster and logo below that you can download to help with promotion in your club or group.