Getting down and regional

Building together with young people.

Getting down and regional

One of the newest regional partners is Youth Focus South East run by Ed Ives-Wara from RMD Adventure Learning and who is now working for Berkshire Youth.

Youth Focus South East is known as a Regional Youth Work Unit (RYWU) which act as hubs for developing and supporting youth work in their regions, working with commissioners, providers and young people themselves to ensure the sector is well-informed, skilled and responsive to changes in government policies and young people’s needs. They are a core element of infrastructure support for the youth sector in their regions.

RYWUs are independent organisations, based in the region they cover, with governance arrangements that reflect the voices of youth organisations in the region.

RYWUs collaborate with a wide range of local, regional and national organisations with an interest in supporting and developing youth work. They may lead on multi-organisation partnerships in their areas or might undertake regional roll-out of national programmes in collaboration with national bodies. At the heart of a RYWU is the needs of young people and the youth sector in their regions.

Definitely worth getting in touch if you want to find out more about youth work initiatives!