Learning from Working with Communities

Building together with young people.

Learning from Working with Communities

Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales has been supporting small and local charities that help people overcome complex issues like homelessness, addiction and domestic abuse.

Brightpurpose has been observing and evaluating their approach in six communities and helping to apply learning to their work. In a report issued in November 2023 the key lessons they have learned over the first three years can be found here.

They hope it will inspire and encourage others working towards long-term and sustainable change in their communities.

In the report they highlight: “The existence and strength of VCSE infrastructure in the (..) communities varies, and with it the size, capacity and capability of the VCSE sector itself varies too. This inevitably has a disproportionate impact on smaller local charities and their ability to contribute to – and benefit from – the system change work.

Whilst local system innovation is likely to strengthen the VCSE sector, there needs to be a baseline strength within the sector for the local system innovation to be inclusive and effective.”

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